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Should tradespeople need licenses?

Posted: Friday, April 19th, 2024

Clive Holland, host of The Clive Holland Show, recently turned attention to the fact that the Federation of Master Builders recently called for stricter licensing and accreditation for tradespeople in order to stop shoddy building work and cowboy builders. Clive wanted to know – could an official building license or accreditation help the state of the industry, and would you sign up for one?

He was joined by the Federation of Master Builders to explain more, as well as great friend of the show Dan Brown from the Job & Knock podcast for his thoughts.

Brown said: “I know I am on the fence with this one as many trade bodies have long advocated for this. However, we see a lot  of good builders continue to do their well to the highest standards even without the requirement of meeting stringent licensing requirements. The problem or challenge I have with this is that it’s a difficult thing to enforce even with the big house builders.”

A caller Christian said: “So they think this will stop cowboys? No chance! As long as the people want the cheapest and big house builders want to pay peanuts, it will continue.

Another from Box2Box added: “It will only work if everyone signs up to it and its properly monitored with no charge to register. Still not sure it will stop the rogues though?”

Chris opined: “As long as it's made clear with public announcements that if people fail to employ approved trades there is no comebacks.”

And another caller from McUlloch Travis Ltd warned: “Please no more legislation. Do a great job and there shouldn't be a problem. The cowboys will always be around like a bad smell. It's up to those hiring them to sniff them out and warn others through socials.”

Shaun Mathews said: “I think it is a good idea and needs to be supported. If you have people come to your house to carry out structural work, you want to be confident they are qualified and are knowledgeable enough to do what they claim they do. It should be more than just building control because we often hear how people have through their life savings through their home due to bad workmanship.”

For the full show, listen here.

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