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  • The Electrical Show

    93. Thomas Nagy and Paul Meenan discuss the skill gap in the Electrical sector

    Thomas Nagy and Paul Meenan talk about the skill gap in the Electrical sector and wider construction industry. Paul explains how this has happened, Thomas talks about the challenges this has created with regards to the hiring process and Paul and...

  • The Heating and Plumbing Show

    95. The boys talk ACS training and what they'd change about Gas Safe

    Andy Cam and Todd Glister talk about training. Richard Firth from Viva Training joins the lads to talk about ACS training and training in air source heat pumps. The boys also discuss what aspects of Gas Safe they'd like to change if they were given...

  • The Painting and Decorating Show

    94. Joel & Todd - Liam Gent (Decorator Of The Year)

    Joel & Todd talk to the man recently crowned Painter & Decorator of the Year at UK Construction Week - Liam Gent. Liam talks about some notable jobs he's completed since he was last on the show, paints & products as well as the journey to winning the...

  • The Carpentry Show

    89. Robin Clevett & Geoff Rhodes - Sustainability & Innovation

    Robin Clevett is joined by Institute of Carpenters President Geoff Rhodes about sustainability and innovation. Robin asks Geoff what his observations are with regards to sustainability in carpentry and what it means for you

  • The Plastering Show

    79. Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

    Plasterer, Jon Durrant talks about his decades long battle with mental health & why it's important to have open conversations about mental health on-site. James Maclean from British Gypsum has some info on a FREE online mental health training course...

  • The Bald Builders

    83. Weird superstitions, stupidity at work and ignored advice.

    Week three of The Bald Builders Breakfast on Fix Radio, and in Bald Banter the lads talk about the most stupid things you have seen people do on site, plus Brad has possiblaly the most bizzre superstions out there. Plus loads and loads more...

  • The Clive Holland Show

    84. Mental Health Awareness Week

    Podcast Blurb This week was yet another packed week on The Clive Holland Show, with Chance Litchfield standing in for the Big Dog – and you can catch the full show Monday to Thursday 12-2 on Fix Radio. Chance has been busy talking Mental Health...

  • The Electrical Show

    92. Thomas Nagy Talks To Electrician Of The Year - Laurence Lane

    Thomas Nagy is joined on the show by Laurence Lane the recent winner of Electrician of the Year at UK Construction Week. Laurence talks about his experiences taking on an apprentice, working in Central London and some of the changes he'd like to see...

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