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  • The Painting and Decorating Show

    78. Jef Newsam - Dealing With Non Paying Clients

    Jef Newsam, who is well known on Decorator's Forum for helping decorators with non paying clients joins Joel to discuss his experiences and give some advice.

  • The Carpentry Show

    74. Robin Clevett - Joined By John Jones (jonesinteriors_sw)

    Robin Clevett is joined by John Jones to discuss building an audience on Instagram and getting started on TikTok. John also talks tools, moving to a bigger workshop, working as a one man band and asks Robin a question as well

  • The Plastering Show

    62. Getting Back On The Tools After Time Off

    Chris Frediani returns after a long break and reflects on what it's like getting back on the tools after the holidays. Graeme Shelton, a master plasterer shares his experiences of feeling the aches and pains of getting back to work as well as teaching...

  • The Bald Builders

    68. North Korea, arguments in 2022 and billboards for dates.

    The boys are back for 2022! North Korea's claim to inventing the burrito has Brad and Sam confused, Brads new year gets off to an argumentative start and Sam is interested in a new way to get himself a date. Plus Calvin makes his Fix Radio...

  • The Clive Holland Show

    67. New Years predictions with Mystic Veg, Brexit 1 year on and price breakdowns.

    This week was yet another packed week on The Clive Holland Show, as Clive returned in style for the new year – and you can catch the full show Monday to Thursday 2-4 on Fix Radio. Clive has been busy this week, talking predictions and plans for...

  • The Electrical Show

    75. Thomas Nagy Talks About EV Charging Points With Paul Meenan

    Thomas Nagy is back with his first show since the Christmas break. He's joined by Paul Meenan from the e5 Group to take a look at the new building regulations for the government's mandate to install EV charging points in all new builds completed from...

  • The Heating and Plumbing Show

    77. Jimmy Hendry Talks To Andy Cam About His Petition

    Master Plumber & Lecturer, Jimmy Hendry talks about his petition to limit the sale of gas appliances to gas safe engineers. Jimmy talks about the reaction from people in the trade, why he thinks it's so important to make this a recognised regulation...

  • The Painting and Decorating Show

    77. Decorator/Plasterer - Peter Whiter

    Joel Bardall returns for his first show of 2022. Joel is joined by Peter Whiter (Whiter Interiors) who is a decorator and plasterer. Peter talks about the benefits of offering both trades, his favourite paints, tools from plastering that decorators...

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