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  • The Painting and Decorating Show

    Decorators vs. Scaffolders

    Joel and Todd are joined by Lee from Honeys Scaffolding to discuss the problems both trades can sometimes face when working together on-site

  • The Carpentry Show

    Robin Clevett talks to Max Lee from Pitch Perfect

    Robin Clevett is joined by Max Lee from Pitch Perfect to talk about cut and pitch roofing

  • The Clive Holland Show

    Clive Holland Talks Halt In Construction Growth, When Tools Fight Back & More

    Clive started off the week by discussing energy efficient homes. Is this the time to replace old gas boilers? Are there enough workers with the skills necessary to retro fit? And what is needed to Kickstart the retro fitting market in the UK. These...

  • The Plastering Show

    Chris Frediani talks about dashing techniques

    Chris Frediani is joined by Danny Balmar from Northern Ireland to talk about pebble dash and different dashing techniques. Chris also talks to Andy & Tom Willoughby a father and son plastering due about their experiences working together

  • The Bald Builders

    95. Cheese burgers, Brads moneymaker and robot spiders

    Sam loses his head in the studio this week over the cost of cheese burgers. Brad’s son tries to throw away Brads money maker and Sam is freaked out by robot spiders. Plus loads and loads more including exclusive podcast only content. Enjoy....

  • The Electrical Show

    Thomas Nagy & Bradley Jones on becoming an established business

    Thomas Nagy and Bradley Jones talk about the road from the first year of operating to becoming a more established business. They discuss everything from adding assets and finding a base to operate from to hiring staff and managing costs

  • The Heating and Plumbing Show

    Andy & Todd's Plumbing & Heating hacks

    Andy Cam & Todd Glister have a combined 60 years experience in the trade. Along the way they've picked up some amazing tips, tricks and hacks which they share with you on this week's show

  • The Painting and Decorating Show

    Joel and Todd are joined again by Jon Mears

    Jon Mears returns to discuss branding, positioning yourself as a professional in your area, winning good paying high quality work and the latest news from the paint industry

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