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I’m a female construction worker – men refuse to believe I’m a joiner

Posted: Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023

A female construction worker has surprised fellow workers by revealing her evening look, The Sun reported.

It was worlds away from the confines of a building site.

The response to her post resulted in a flurry of fans suddenly realizing they needed joinery done in their homes.

Others simply stated, "You’re a joiner?"

Charlotte Davies (@charlottedavies_444) is a proud "girl joiner" and "female construction worker."

In her post, Charlotte could be seen at work.

She was either inside or out, drilling, sawing, or carrying planks of wood.

At one point, she was even working on scaffolding several floors up.

Her standard daily workwear comprised work boots, trousers, a hi-vis vest, and a hard hat.

It was hardly glamorous, but the transformation to her going-out look couldn't have been more different.

Out went functional wear and in came a highly glossed and shiny Charlotte.

She wore a shimmery pale blue mini dress, with a matching bikini top, and strappy heels, and her long blond hair was worn loose.

Dressed up like this, Charlotte encountered disbelief when she revealed her professional life.

In the comments to her post, there were a few wags, but most of the responses were from other guys in the trade.

They were supportive and wanted to see more women in construction.

“I need some doors hanging," joked one viewer.

Her experience will give her a passport to travel, said this fan: “You can travel all over with those skills, It’s great to see some female trades.”

This man offered more encouraging words: “This is exactly what we need, good for you girl, just wish we had a few more in the trade”

Finally, more enlightened views from this fellow tradesperson: “Amazing. Love to see more women in the trades. As an electrician, it's just great to walk onto a site and find tradeswomen. It’s equality in the workplace.”

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