Bungle At Dentist Results In Plumber Swallowing Dental Drill Bit

Posted: Friday, June 4th, 2021

Let’s face it, going to the dentist is never a great experience and most people hate going, but a plumber in Accrington has even more reason to feel that way after a mistake made during a routine filling appointment resulted in him accidentally swallowing a drill bit that came loose.

Connor McLaughlin, owner of CLM Plumbing & Heating, shared his experience on twitter and the tweet has since racked up almost 20,000 likes.

His tweet on Thursday said “Only I could go to the dentist for a filling and get admitted to hospital because the dentist drill bit has fallen off and gone down my throat."

The incident occurred at Park House Dental Practice in Accrington, with a frantic scene unfolding when dental staff couldn’t locate the drill bit that had come loose, with staff eventually making the call to get the plumber to the emergency room at a local hospital for chest and abdomen x-rays.

And just incase people doubted his story, the tradesmen sent a follow up screenshot of the radiology request form that confirmed the bizarre situation.

In a follow up post he shared “I’m alive, yes it’s 100% a true story and no they can’t find it, so it’s probs going to come out when I have a s***. Here’s the radiology form my dentist gave me for the hospital and I still got charged for my treatment.”

With the semi-viral nature of the tweet, many users have come forward with other horror dentist stories that had a similar outcome.

Twitter used Adam Young wrote, “Happened to me twice in one sitting. 2nd time I told him to fill what he'd drilled and walked out. Told reception he wasn't going anywhere near my mouth and to contact me when someone another dentist was available..... Obviously not as composed about it as I am now!”

Another user took a more humorous approach to the situation, @Sambotterill93 adding “The dentist obviously has less wisdom than your teeth.”

Got a dentist trip coming up soon?

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