Posted: Monday, February 12th, 2018 at 7:00am 

Whether you work alone, or manage a team you are probably used to early starts and late finishes. Breakfast and lunch take place in your van, between jobs, and on the move. You’re up to your eyeballs in paint and plaster. Sound familiar? 

We all know life as builder is busy enough, before the paperwork and processes required to do the job come into play. But, technology can easily save you time and effort! There’s a whole host of apps at your fingertips, that can help sharpen your processes.  

Here are Fix Radio’s top 3 apps to add to your toolkit today: 

    1.    You’ve completed the job, packed away your kit and are onto your next project. Before you know it’s Friday night, but instead of heading down to the pub for a cold one, you need to clear the backlog of invoices that have built up. That’s where Zoho Invoice comes in! For as little as £5 a month, you can quickly and easily create invoices, send payment reminders and get paid faster. Nice one! 

    2.    Morning coffee. Tap. Tube to work. Tap. Weekly shop. Tap. We are all used to making contactless payments in our day-to-day lives, and your customers are no different. Payment at the end of a job needs to be quick and easy for both parties. No one wants to get out large sums of cash and cheques are soon to be obsolete (phased out by October 2018). That’s where companies like Square come in. Square is small portable device that enables you to take chip and PIN cards, contactless cards and other mobile payments. Plus it makes you look even more professional. 

    3.    Managing your own time on a job can be tricky enough, then there’s keeping track of your team. Whether you manage two or two-hundred people, knowing how long is being spent on each task is important business. That’s where apps like Jibble come in. Track your team's time, verify workers attendance via selfies and even generate attendance time-sheets for payroll. Genius. 

   4.     In our opinion one of the most important apps you need on site is of course our own famous Fix Radio app! We play all the best tunes to keep you going at work, promise no repeats and our shows are full of banter! We also keep you up to date with weather so if you work outside we are vital. Download it today via your app store!

Have you got any apps that help save you time? We’d to love to hear about them! 

Text our studio with the word FIX plus your message to 81400 or tweet us at @FixRadioUK.

Fix radio is ‘nailing it’ with banter, 48hr no music repeat and half the adverts!





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