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Roofers Party Trick Goes Horribly Wrong

Posted: Monday, June 17th, 2019 at 1:10pm 

We love a good party trick. The only thing that we love more than a good party trick is when it goes wrong. Well hold onto your hats and listen to this tale of woe!

Greig Irvine is a Glaswegian roofer. He has a bizarre trick of swallowing a pound coin. Normally he waits for it to pass through his body and he gets it back - quids in.

It was a winner and had always gone to plan. But at a house party on a Saturday night, the 22-year-old managed to get the pound stuck fast in his gullet. Let's just say it was hardly comfortable. He couldn't eat anything. So, poor old Greig decided to go to A&E

An X-ray clearly shows the stuck coin. Greig, from Drumchapel, Glasgow, was warned he faced surgery to remove the coin but doctors were able to push a flexible tube down his throat and gently remove the object.Alongside an image of his x-ray he said: “Better get it back" - important things first, eh!?

After spending a day in hospital as a result, he captioned another image of himself wearing a gown: “I have a season ticket for A&E.” He uploaded a new image showing a pound coin in the palm of his hand with the caption: “Got it back.”

Greig revealed that he has only done his ‘party trick’ since the introduction of the 12-sided pound coins but they have never caused him any problems before.

Speaking today he said: “It normally goes right down and comes out a week later in the toilet but this time it’s got stuck in my gullet.

Greig says he was instructed by the hospital to stop drinking water so they could treat him effectively.

So, be warned!





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