Posted: Monday, July 10th, 2017 at 10:00am 

How to stay cool on a construction site.


We Brits have many many talents, avoiding difficult topics with a relish, dipping biscuits in a good cuppa, but one of our most prodigious talents must surely be our ability to discuss the weather. And so for the past week all we have discussed with anyone – the wife, friends, John we met on the street having not seen him in 20 years and whom we only recognised after his wild gesticulations and insistence that you had met (and he repeated his name 20 times, too) - is the sodding weather. According to the statistics it was the hottest June on record for quite some time. And, whilst we are all overjoyed that the UK has finally got some sun – this is what we at Fix Radio would politely refer to as too hot to breathe. So for those builders working on sites in these dangerous times, here are our top tips to keeping cool and safe on site.



1) Hydrate

In this climate you literally cannot drink enough water – being in the sun all day you will be sweating a fair amount and will find yourself easily dehydrated. So make sure to guzzle that water to prevent any of those unfortunate symptoms, which can include weakness, dizziness and just feeling bloody awful really.


2) Get an early start

Quite possibly not our most popular advice, but the hottest time of day is always between around 3pm - 6pm, and so if it all possible it is good sense to avoid the sun at this time. Far better is to start a little earlier, working before the sun starts to beat down harder than a hangover on Christmas morning. Think of it this way – at least you get to clock off early. 

3) Sunscreen

Lathering on the sunscreen is easily forgotten and, let’s be honest, it can be a right pain – making your hands greasy and your body greasy it is all too tempting to avoid this arduous task. However, sun cream really is extremely important and can help protect you from the sun’s rays as well as making sure you don’t look like a bloody tomato – try to get sweat or waterproof sunscreen. We would also advise getting your misses to rub it on your back – not sure the crew will take too kindly to that request. 

4) Clothes 

Now we know that each and every morning you spend hours debating and deciding what to wear, or at least you give those old pair of shorts a sniff before clambering into them in the hope that they are still considered clean. But, in this weather it is worth giving a few moments thought to your attire and making sure that your clothes are lightweight and ideally made from natural fibers. Trust us on this – it will make your day much easier.



5) Stay alert

On a more serious note, it is really easy to get heat stroke or heat exhaustion from being out in the sun, so stay diligent and remember there is no shame in taking regular breaks to make sure you are in tip-top shape. 


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