Eco-Friendly Construction

Posted: Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

We don't want to come across as new-age hippies, but it's all moving towards eco-construction. So, we decided to give you some of the most interesting and exciting developments in construction that are renewable and 'green'. 

1. Recycled Plastic

We've all seen the stories, plastic is a big environmental problem. You can whine about it or you can do something about it. 

Plasphalt is a new product which is doing the latter. It's made of grains of plastic produced from unsorted plastic waste. Basically, it replaces the sand and gravel traditionally used in asphalt production. 

This is just one of many products that are being developed including recycled plastic 'wood', storkboard and even sheets of recycled plastic for walling

2. Ferrock

Never heard of it? Well, in fairness it's a bit of a newcomer. Ferrock uses a range of recycled materials to create resource that is carbon neutral. 

Better still, it absorbs and seals carbon dioxide as part of the drying and hardening procedure.

If you're waiting for the catch, there doesn't seem to be one. It resembles concrete but is actually even stronger, so this one is a clear winner and definitely one to watch. 

3. Nappy Roof Tiles

OK, this one is a bit hippy, but we like it. 

You might think it's a bit crazy taking something has horrible and smelly as a babies nappy and making it into roofing, but the truth is, there's a lot of good stuff in them.

Special recycling plants separate out the polymers from the, er, organic waste, and these polymers can then be used to ceate fibre-based construction materials like tiles. So, you can then use that to make into roofing - genius!

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