Drones In Construction

Posted: Monday, July 22nd, 2019

The last time that drones were in the news, it was because some d**k was flying one round Gatwick airport, ruining everything. 

But, there could be a more positive way that we could use aerospace technology for the building industry. They could change the way we do things forever, save money and cut construction times. But the big question is how?

1. Security

Think about it, your eye in the sky, could be an untapped resource/

Protecting your site from theft or vandalism is always a key issue. Some companies have already begun using drones to look after the site overnight. 

Not only that they can also be used to maintain the safety of employees and make sure everyone is complying to safety laws. 

2. Surveying

This is, perhaps, a more obvious one. Having KPIs and milestones for an onsite project is important. They help to determine whether or not you’re on time or if you need to work a little longer to get that specific task up to scratch and on time.

An overhead view is invaluable when it comes to tracking progress and keeping real-time tabs on every aspect of a site. An aerial view gives a different perspective, helping catch issues that might be missed at ground level.

3. Transport

Health and safety is always key on site. If you could use drones to transport goods aerially then you could save time and money.

Drones are generally small with high levels of maneuverability, they could be used as an alternative to big cumbersom lorries, trucks and vans. Plus, here's something nifty, drones don't have to adhere to traffic laws. So, they can make deliveries in a fraction of the time and with half the resources.

At this moment in time drones are too small to lift anything heavy so using one to transport goods and materials wouldn’t be a viable option as of yet. But this is just one of the things that we can look forward to.

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