Boss Writes Birthday Cards For EVERYONE In His Company

Posted: Thursday, October 10th, 2019 at 10:07am 


On site, pretty much everyone has horror stories of bad bosses. Whether it's the jumped-up go-getter who thinks he's better than everyone, or the the over-worker under-payer type. 

However, there aren't many stories of good bosses. Which is why this one caught our eye. 

Sheldon Yellen is the boss of BELFOR Holdings, Inc a $1.5 billion company which operates a number of companies all around the world. 

As you can imagine, that's a lot of employees. Even so Sheldon sends every single employee a birthday card on their special day. That amounts to over 9,000 cards each year! In fact, this special little thought has escalated so much that Sheldon often boards flights for international meetings with a suitcase full of stationery...that's right, a bloody suitcase!

Now, if you're like us, you might be wondering, why on earth does he do this?! I mean, it's nice to be nice 'n all that, but this is a lot of effort. Surely he has a lot more work than writing 'happy birthday' 9,200 times each year? 

It all began in 1985. A few employees thought Sheldon was getting the 'special treatment' because he was hired by his brother-in-law. The rumours began and it started to discredit him. So, instead of getting bitter Sheldon got clever. He began sending out birthday cards to everyone he employed. And it worked. It got people talking. And the rumours stopped. People began to respect him and his position within the company.

But, it’s not just birthdays either. The boss also sends out thank you notes, anniversary cards, holiday cards, and sends cards to his employees when their kids are ill. It's a wonder he ever gets any work done!

According to many career experts, the best managers are the ones giving out positive reinforcement to their workers. So, if the boss is chewing your ear off today...just think about that!





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