Builder Attacked By Magpies

Posted: Monday, June 24th, 2019 at 11:50am 

We love a good story from the site. Whether it's the apprentice getting the run-around, a major cock up or just a good joke, we love it. So, imagine how chuffed we were when we found this nugget. 

​​​​​Tim Vessey, is a builder from Mansfield in good ol' Nottingham. He was just busy going about his day, as you do, and then all of a sudden things changed

As Tim was working, out of the blue a magpie dropped a frozen chicken from above him. The frozen bird fell and whacked him on the head 

Now this might all sound like fun and games until you realise the bird was 2lb.  on his head from the sky.

45, almost fell off his scaffolding when the 2lb bird whacked him. That's nearly a kilo frozen meat falling on your head. Ouch!

The magpie swooped down and grabbed the chicken, which was defrosting, from an open kitchen window. 

You've gotta respect the effort of that!

Tim and his mates were working on the roof of a house nearby, watched in as it soared away.

Make sure you wear your hard hats guys!





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