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How do sky high fuel prices affect you?

Posted: Friday, April 19th, 2024

Clive Holland, host of The Clive Holland Show, recently turned attention to the Competition and Markets Authority recent report, detailing high profit margins by retailers on fuel prices – as they called for a ‘pumpwatch’ so drivers can see real price data.

Clive wanted to know if this is something you’d get behind – and also just how much sky high fuel prices are affecting you and your business.

He was joined by Fuel Spokesperson for the RAC, Simon Williams for a deeper look into this as well as great friend of the show James Robinson the Yorkshire Stone Dresser for his thoughts.

Williams said: “A lot of this has been proven as we brought this Competition and Markets Authority as we felt that retailers where not passing on the benefits to consumers. In 2022 it was proven that retailers charged the tune of £900 million. That was due to the price of petrol and diesel shooting up.”

A caller from Cooper Bros noted: “You will never control these forecourts. If we opened one tomorrow and charged 25p a litre less, these fraudsters would drop overnight and beat us.”

Another at Roof2roof said: “Prices are stupid. A. Couple of hundred quid a week in Diesel now. The flatbed fully loaded does about 15 to the gallon if we're lucky!”

And another from Marshall Timber Products said: “Fuel prices have been a rip off for years.The government should have stepped in a long time ago. Problem is, most of these oil giants are fundraisers and backers of governments.”

For the full show, listen here

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