Posted: Monday, June 19th, 2017 at 10:00am 

The 5 most epic construction fails in history


We have all been there….a client calls you in tears because they tried to do it by themselves, armed with a tool box, bags of confidence and lots of false hope they attempt to take on minor construction works that end in making a bad situation so much worse. Sigh – leave it to the professionals, you know the ones who have actual experience and qualifications. But, whatever you have seen it cannot compare to these incredible fails – so poorly constructed and inefficiently designed, we have to wonder what on earth these people were thinking? 


1) The Balcony 

Indeed….what you see is a balcony that is connected to a brick wall, serving absolutely no purpose we do question what the builder was thinking when constructing. Surely, at some point someone – somewhere looked at this and thought….hmmm something ain’t quite right here. Ironically the balcony itself looks pretty well designed – curious and curiouser. 


2) The Stairs 

See here, this is a pretty obvious flaw on what should really be a pretty simple structure. Traditionally, stairs are designed to allow an individual to walk up and down with ease, but clearly here something has gone horribly wrong. Perhaps the designer was trying to reinvent the wheel and create a bit of a challenge?


3) The Hidden Door 

Maybe just maybe some eccentric guy was like to his builder, you know what….I’d really like a door that is impossible to enter, I would like it to be partially suspended and covered by railings so every time you leave you are faced with an epic fight of climbing, pushing and jumping. Maybe this person had watched the Hunger Games and felt their life was a little too easy. Or maybe their builder was a bit of a buffoon. Either way – this picture is a must have on this list. 


4) The Telephone 

You know what we really like about this picture? It proves the perseverance of people, because even though this entire setup is completely wrong, the lady pictured is still going for it. We wonder if the dude who invented the mobile phone was inspired by the sheer ridiculousness of this picture and was like….I can fix this so nobody ever has to stretch to use a phone. Obviously though the joke is on him, because try getting a signal in the loft of your house and you’ll soon find yourself mirroring this exact pose.


5) The Train Station 

Is it a piece of modern art? A statement on life which is simply a flight of stairs leading nowhere? Possibly, but more plausible it’s some builder who got blind drunk and forgot that, as a general rule, stairs need to actually lead somewhere. This one is last, but we hope you agree it is by no means a list. Quite possibly the most epic fail in the history of construction. 


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