36. Domestic abuse, material shortages and liars.

The Clive Holland Show

Friday, May 7th, 2021 - 39 minutes

This week was yet another packed week on The Clive Holland Show– and you can catch the full show Monday to Thursday 2-4 on Fix Radio.<br /><br /> Clive has been busy this week, tackling a serious topic in domestic abuse, and what we as tradespeople can do to support victims, with Detective Superintendent for the Metropolitan Police Matt Pilch.<br /><br /> He also went on to discuss material shortages in the trades at the moment and how they’re affecting the industry with Master Builders Federation CEO John Newcombe, who offered a great insight in to why it’s happening.<br /><br /> The big guy tackled lies on site as well, as he was joined by Behavioral Psychologist Enda Murphy and SIX time World Champion Liar, Mike Naylor – as they chatted about why we lie and some of the best fibs ever told. Enjoy

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