17. Ian Sidney from CITB, Anna Wakefield from Grant UK, Connor The Digger Driver, Big Wipes and more speak to Clive Holland.

The Clive Holland Show

Friday, November 20th, 2020 - 42 minutes

Another packed week on The Clive Holland Show on Fix Radio, you can catch the full show Monday to Thursday 1-4 on Fix Radio.<br /><br />In this week's podcast Clive speaks to Ian Sidney from CITB about the rise of fake construction qualifications being sold.<br /><br />Anna Wakefield from Grant UK tell us about their new competition #showusyoursnood and Dylan Saxby comes on to tell us about his amazing Harry Potter themed playroom he built for his daughter.<br /><br />Charlotte Willis from CTB and Enda Mulloy from West London College speak to Clive about opportunities to train as teachers in the trade.<br /><br />Big Wipes is Clive's product of the week and Connor The Digger driver and Tyler the Electrician both feature on Knowing Me Knowing You. Enjoy

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