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  • The Bald Builders

    58. Bald burglars, mix ups and Rhi has a shave.

    The lads talk about mix up’s in Bald Banter this week and they get a very funny message from a gentleman whose mix up nearly gets him a divorce. A burglar gets caught out for having big feet and Brad tells you how he would burglarize a house. Rhi...

  • The Clive Holland Show

    58. Online presence, another new construction minister, cock ups and brew etiquette.

    This week was yet another packed week on The Clive Holland Show– and you can catch the full show Monday to Thursday 2-4 on Fix Radio. Clive has been busy this week, talking through what we want from the new construction minister with journalist...

  • The Plastering Show

    54. Chris Frediani, Nick Knowles, Billy Byrne & Jules

    The band are back together and on the Plastering Show discusses their 20+ years together on hundreds of builds. Nick talks about the inception on the show, Jules discusses his mental health battles and Billy tells some great celebrity stories

  • The Electrical Show

    67. Quickfire Q&A

    Thomas Nagy answers your questions that have been sent into the show

  • The Heating and Plumbing Show

    69. Grant Gundelfinger - National Heating Installer 2021

    Grant Gundelfinger, who was recently crowned National Heating Installer of the Year joins Andy Cam to discuss what set him apart from the competition, Heat pumps and tools

  • The Carpentry Show

    65. Robin Clevett Is Joined By Female Carpenter Astrid Arnold

    Robin Clevett talks to Astrid Arnold, a female carpenter with decades of experience in the trade and managing director of Touchwood South West. Astrid discusses the lack of female tradespeople in carpentry and joinery, the work she does spreading the...

  • The Painting and Decorating Show

    69. Jonathan Graham - JG Decorator - Talks To Joel Bardall

    JG Decorator joins Joel Bardall to discuss his stance on the masking tape debate as well as the responsibility decorators have to environmentally conscious

  • The Bald Builders

    57. Funeral mix up, a feature film and poo wars.

    The boys are back for another packed week, Brad tells a story of how a mix up of bodies at a funeral house could be a regular occurrence. Off the back of last week's Builder Bond they boys have made a film, with a little less budget than the real...

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