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  • The Heating and Plumbing Show

    76. Andy Cam vs. Nick Bundy - Heating & Plumbing vs. Electrical

    Andy Cam battles it out with Electrician and YouTuber Nick Bundy. Which trade is the best, which is strongest, which is more deadly. Why don't plumbers and electricians get along and can Andy and Nick settle their differences.

  • The Painting and Decorating Show

    76. Joel Bardall's Painting & Decorating Year In Review

    Joel talks through the year in trade from his experiences, paints, tools and lessons learnt from 2021. Also paints and finishes to try when combating damp and mould through the winter months and a look ahead to 2022

  • The Carpentry Show

    72. Robin Clevett Reflects On The Past Year In The Trade

    Robin talks through his observations and experiences in the trade over the past. What does the year ahead look like? Will demand slow and supply issues ease?

  • The Plastering Show

    60. The Benefits Of Giving Apprentices On-Site Experience

    Chris Frediani talks to Pete Townsend about taking on his first apprentice after 20 years in the trade. Pete talks about the virtues of injecting new blood into the working environment. Also, Chris catches up with Mark Lewis who had been in a guest in...

  • The Clive Holland Show

    64. Anti Tool Theft Week.

    This week was yet another packed yet slightly different week on The Clive Holland Show– and you can catch the full show Monday to Thursday 2-4 on Fix Radio. This week, Clive has taken on Tool Theft as he aims to raise awareness about it within the...

  • The Bald Builders

    64. A super sparkie, all you can eat buffets and Vinne Jones.

    Brad is not happy that he has to tell a story about a sparkie who saves the day during a non-league football match. The lads have a difference of opinion when it comes to an all you can eat buffet also they receive an early Christmas present the...

  • The Electrical Show

    73. Thomas Nagy Talks About Building A Workforce

    Thomas Nagy gives some tips he's picked up and talks about lessons he's learnt as a business owner in the electrical sector when it comes to hiring and building a workforce for a business

  • The Heating and Plumbing Show

    75. David Palmer - Geberit

    David Palmer, A Business Development Manager from Geberit joins Andy Cam to discuss the massive opportunity for Plumbing & Heating Installers that are considering making the move from domestic to commercial and how Geberit can help

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