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The Russ & Jono Fix Radio Experience

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Multi award-winning and audience grabbing breakfast show hosts on the original Virgin Radio from 1993 to 1998 - Now they're back with the Russ and Jono Rebooted Podcasts and a new show on Fix Radio - The Russ and Jono Fix Radio Experience, weekdays 12-1pm & a 'best of' show on Saturdays 8-10am!

The new show will feature classic bits like, 'Sad But True', 'Dumb Crime of the Day', 'Probe the Globe', 'Lost in Showbiz', the wayward newsreaders 'Shanka & Edward' and new features like, 'John on the Kermode' (film review) and Mike the Australian radio consultant - who will call and tell the boys if they're 'Nailing it!' or if the show needs to be 'Fixed'.

The Russ and Jono Fix Radio Experience, weekdays 12-1pm & a 'best of' show on Saturdays 8-10am!

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