7. Veteran Plasterer Gary, Plastermind & Ruth Waters

The Plastering Show

Friday, October 16th, 2020 - 21 minutes

Gary Comber - a plasterer that Chris first started out with, joins us for 'Tools of the Trade' and reminisces with Chris about his (Chris') first days on site as well as talking us through his favourite tools old and new...<br /><br />Steve Bowness - a Plastermind winner on the British Gypsum Certified Scheme Member Facebook Group joins Chris to tell us a bit about the competition, why it's worth getting involved and gives us a bit of background to his career as a builder that plasters<br /><br />Ruth Waters - a graduate of the British Gypsum Site Ready Skimming Course is on for Chris' 'Future Plasterers' segment. Chris is thrilled with Ruth's passion and knowledge of the trade, Ruth tells us how the course gave her a real foot up in her budding career as a plasterer and discusses current on site experience and what the work involves.

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