Brian Alfred - GIVE ME THE REFUND!

We've teamed up with Brian Alfred to give you the chance to win a fantastic cash prize!

 We'll be calling one lucky entrant every Thursday from 4pm at random, if they answer the phone with "BRIAN ALFRED - GIVE ME THE REFUND" then they'll win a £100 cash prize!

If they don't answer with the correct phrase, we'll draw someone else on the next day, and if no one wins in a given week, the prize will roll over to the next one!

Fill in the form below and we could be calling you to play!

By entering this competition you agree to the Fix Radio Competition Terms and Conditions.

Competition Details:

  • First Draw Date: Thursday 28th April 2022
  • Last Draw Date: Thursday 30th June 2022
  • Entrants will be drawn at random to play and must answer the phone with the phrase "Brian Alfred - Give Me The Refund" to win.
  • Each week there is a prize pot of £100, once it has been won in a given week then no more entrants will be called until the following week. If no one wins in a given week then the prize will roll over and the prize pot for the following week will increase by that amount.
  • Total Prize Fund: £1,000
  • Competition is subject to the Fix Radio Competition Terms and Conditions.

About Brian Alfred

Brian Alfred are THE tax specialists for the CIS & Construction Industry.

Offering an Express 24hr Refund, that’s faster than HMRC

Refer a mate & get £50 back once they get their tax refund!

With 15 years experience, you know you’re in safe hands.

Find out more about how Brian Alfred or get yourself a paper tax pack in the post by clicking here

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