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Some estimates suggest a van is broken into in the UK every 16 minutes. In the fight against tool theft, there's a number of products and solutions on the market - but we asked you to let us know what you're doing to safeguard your stuff.

Presenting... the Tricks of the Trade when it comes to tackling tool theft!

Ryan's Tricks of the Trade


Will's Tricks of the Trade


Mark's Tricks of the Trade


More Tricks of the Trade

We spoke to two of our listeners, Alan and Tom about Tool Theft. They both had very different experiences of tool theft, but have had to think of equally creative and sadly necessary methods of securing their vans and tools since.

Watch to find out more and pick up some tips on how to secure your own vehicle and help to protect your business.


Let us know your ideas!

We'd love to hear more Tricks of the Trade from you! Is there something unique, effective or cheap and simple that you use to protect your gear? Get in touch and let us know!

Tell us in a few words how you keep your stuff safe, and we could feature your Tricks of the Trade on the site.


Tackle Tool Theft 

  • Tool Theft Reports - Watch our interviews with tradespeople across the UK sharing their own reports of incidents of tool theft and share your comments and concerns.
  • Beating Tool Theft - Solutions to the problem of tool theft from a wide range of companies and organisations committed to fighting trade crime. 
  • Tricks of the Trade - We've been hearing from you about how you keep your tools, your business and your livelihood safe and secure.
  • Ten Things You Need to Know about Tool Theft - We all know it's a big issue, but just how much of a problem is it really, we've put together a handy guide to help you understand the scale of Tool Theft in the UK



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