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More than a third of tradespeople nationwide have had tools stolen. Imagine working in an office job and turning up to work one day to find your laptop, phone, desk, chair and the photocopier have all been taken - and you have to pay to replace them all many times over, all the while not being paid and earning a living.

The reality of tool theft is that tradespeople can be prevented from working for days or even weeks after the fact- and some victims report being hit multiple times.

It's no exaggeration to say that the impact of tool theft on a tradesperson or small business can be devastating.

At Fix Radio, we're on a mission with Churchill Business to understand the extent of the problem, the impact on livelihoods and what can be done to help.

In this series of Tool Theft Reports, we've been hearing real-life stories from up and down Britain, helping us shine a light on what's going on. 

Interview with Alan

Alan is a builder based in Harpenden, and employs a small number of tradespeople in his business. We found out what happened when his van was broken into.


Interview with Tom Hudson

Tom Hudson is a Chesterfield builder currently working for the NHS estate. While at home with his parents, Tom's van was broken into during the early hours of the morning. He told us what happened when he dramatically confronted the thieves targeting not only himself, but the livelihoods of other tradespeople in his local area.


Interviews with Fix Radio Listeners

We put the call out on Fix Radio's social media to hear your stories of tool theft and how it's impacted your work and personal life. Here's just a selection of what you gave us. 



Tackle Tool Theft 




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