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Ten Things You Need to Know about Tool Theft

We know that tool theft is a major problem in the UK and a big topic of concern for the trade. With Churchill you can insure your tools together with your van to help safeguard your livelihood and prevent being out of pocket when it comes to theft. Here's the essentials on exactly why tool theft has become such a big deal.

  1. Tool and van theft costs the trade £264 million a year - that's over FIVE GRAND on average, each time a van is broken into.

  2. Thefts put the average tradesperson out of work for 30 days- seriously delaying jobs and cutting income.

  3. Over 40% of van crimes happen when the vehicle is parked on the owner's driveway.

  4. In a survey of Fix Radio listeners, 41% did NOT report the theft to the police.

  5. Over 100 respondents said they lost items worth between £500 - £1,000.

  6. Recent research showed a van is broken into every 16 MINUTES in the UK

  7. The most common day for van break-ins is Monday.

  8. Physical, visible barriers are often a better solution than hi-tech ones. Large locks take longer to get past and make more noise!

  9. Making a note of serial numbers could enable you to prove ownership should the police recover your stolen tools.

  10. Summer months often see a rise in tool thefts, with experts unsure why - particularly the month of July.


Tackle Tool Theft 

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