The Landscaping Show - with Tommy Cross


Landscaping Show


Meet Tommy Cross! In 2006 he combined his love the great outdoors and border line creepy levels of interest in power tools and established Home Ground Landscape Gardening designing and building gardens throughout Berkshire and Cheshire.


The Landscaping Show is the UK's only mainstream broadcast Landscaping show and will be a weekly live show on  evenings 6-7pm. It will be the show that covers all the major topics in the Landscape market including new product launches,top tips, the best weekly deals and exclusive interviews. 

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Tommy was born and bred in Germany and it was his during his time living there where he learnt not only learnt how to sand bag the sun loungers on holiday, but also the German traits of efficiency and attention to detail and is now joining us as the presenter of The Landscaping Show on FIX Radio! 



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