Timloc gets into hedgehog holes

East Yorkshire manufacturer Timloc Building Products has produced a ‘hedgehog highway’ to help tackle the declining number of hedgehogs across the UK.

East Yorkshire manufacturer Timloc Building Products has produced a ‘hedgehog highway’ to help tackle the declining number of hedgehogs across the UK.

All profits from the product will go to a hedgehog rescue group in Market Weighton.

New planning laws require a 13cm hole to be put in the base of fences in all new housing developments, creating a highway for hedgehogs to roam freely. Hedgehogs can travel up to two miles per night and modern housing developments often restrict the freedom that hedgehogs need to thrive.

The hedgehog population has seen a rapid decline to an estimated one million, compared to over 30 million in the 1950s, making them vulnerable to extinction.

The Hedgehog Highway by Timloc has been designed to connect gardens, enabling hedgehogs to roam freely and forage for food and shelter without restriction. In other words, it’s a plastic hole. But it does good.

Timloc Building Products has partnered with Market Weighton Hedgehog Group, a local conservation group providing shelter and food for injured hedgehogs. All proceeds from the sale of hedgehog highways will be donated to Market Weighton Hedgehog Group, Timloc said.

Linda Cook, founder of the Market Weighton Hedgehog Group, said: “Hedgehog highways are hugely important to hedgehogs as they allow them to forage safely between gardens and meet mates. We are truly overwhelmed with the work Timloc has put into this product and cannot thank them enough for their support.”

Timloc marketing manager Kirsty Harrop said: “As a manufacturing company, we take our responsibility for the environment seriously and the conservation of hedgehogs is a matter close to our hearts. The Hedgehog Highway by Timloc is produced from 100% recycled plastic – as are many products in the Timloc range – and the packaging is 100% recyclable too.”

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