JCB launches new LiveLink portal

JCB has added new features to its LiveLink telematics portal that are designed to help customers increase uptime, reduce admin and make better decisions.

JCB has added new features to its LiveLink telematics portal that are designed to help customers increase uptime, reduce admin and make better decisions.

Launched in 2011 and now with more than 300,000 machines monitored by the system, JCB LiveLink gives machine operators and fleet managers easy access to all data through an online portal and mobile app. Now the new generation system has a series of features including:

  • easy to understand, actionable machine health alerts
  • document storage
  • a new improved action based, dashboard overview
  • mixed fleet functionality to incorporate data from other manufacturers
  • enhanced compatibility with the JCB Operator app for digital pre-start checks

Actionable machine health alerts increase uptime by notifying users of potential machine problems before they cause downtime and enable instant action from the portal. This ensures machines are fully operational, safe and secure without costly downtime.

The new and improved LiveLink features a dashboard view which gives constant access to accurate monitoring data and reporting on machine usage and performance, while the platform can also store important documentation such as compliance certificates and safety inspections – ensuring all information relating to the fleet is instantly accessible. Through the optional LiveLink Enterprise feature, information can be automatically extracted from existing rental or fleet management systems to reduce manual data entry and administration.

Available as an option for the first time, mixed fleet functionality allows the integration of other equipment brands’ machines into JCB LiveLink - centralising the entire fleets’ telematics data into one place. This saves time and complication by eradicating the need for multiple systems. The machine sharing feature also allows the user to give visibility of equipment data to other users and organisations, which can be ideal for rental environments.

Alongside the new web platform, JCB offers the JCB Operator app for digital pre-start checks. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the JCB Operator app alerts of failed pre-start checks via LiveLink. Operators can take photos and add text if required, aiding the quick resolution of any issues. All checks completed are stored digitally against the machine record and can be exported to PDF for sharing or for auditing. This works with any asset in your account, with the ability to view quick start guides and compliance documents for JCB assets.

Users can register or upgrade existing accounts. 

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