Councils get next round of pothole funding

Local authorities in England have been allocated their share of £500m for highways maintenance.

Local authorities in England have been allocated their share of £500m for highways maintenance.

The Department for Transport said that the money was enough “to fix the equivalent of 10 million potholes”.

Today’s funding round is the second of five annual instalments from the £2.5bn potholes fund announced by the chancellor in the 2020 budget.

Transport minister Baroness Vere said: “We know potholes are more than just a nuisance – they can be dangerous to drivers and cyclists alike, and cause damage to thousands of vehicles every year. The funding allocated today will help councils ensure roads in their area are kept up to standard, and that the potholes that blight road users can be dealt with promptly.”

Regions Potholes 2021/22 (£) HMB 2021/22 – needs element (£) HMB 2021/22 – incentive element (indicative amounts £) ITB 2021/22 (£) Total (£)
East Midlands 57,358,000 57,358,000 14,340,000 25,086,000 154,142,000
East of England 68,534,000 68,534,000 17,133,000 29,401,000 183,602,000
North East 28,492,000 28,492,000 7,123,000 18,840,000 82,946,000
North West 66,467,000 66,467,000 16,617,000 43,759,000 193,309,000
South East 82,693,000 82,693,000 20,673,000 47,619,000 233,678,000
South West 90,031,000 90,031,000 22,508,000 30,784,000 233,355,000
West Midlands 54,486,000 54,486,000 13,621,000 31,625,000 154,217,000
Yorkshire and The Humber 51,940,000 51,940,000 12,985,000 32,886,000 149,751,000
  • HMB = Highways Maintenance Block
  • TMB = Integrated Transport Block

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