Could This be the Answer to the Housing Shortage?

Posted: Monday, July 8th, 2019 at 1:40pm 

It's no secret, we need housing. But with all the gloom and doom in the news, with the dreaded 'B' word, shrinking economy, recruitment crisis, it seems impossible to see how we're going to do that. 

Well, someone has come up with a simple cost effective high quality solution that builds eco homes with minimal tools.

A Better Haus has come up with a revolutionary idea of creating panels from a BBA certificated Magnesium Oxide board (MgO) injected with super insulating foam which together with the galvanised steel provide a unique system unaffected by weather.

The panels have undergone fire testing in a UKAS approved test centre and achieved in excess of 60 minutes in a full load bearing test without any additional boarding and are approved by Knauf for their render systems and internal finishes have achieved outstanding results of.77 in air tests where a new build pass rate is 10.

The light gauge steel framing comes made to measure and this unique panelling comes numbered making construction as easy as flat pack, The structure of the dwelling is put together with little more than a screwgun, a spirit level and a tape measure.

They've just started a 120sq m new build home in Streatham South West London on a very restricted site so we'll see how it goes. Maybe this could be the construction of the future? Only time will tell





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