The Weekly Fix - 14/05/2019

Posted: Tuesday, May 14th, 2019 at 9:58am 

Welcome to the latest edition of Your Weekly Fix. This week’s week’s big news is that Fix Radio is about to get ugly. The Breakfast Show will have a new host soon.

His name is Ugly Phil. If you listened to Kerrang! Radio in the noughties, you may have already heard him. For the last few years he’s been working on the air in Australia presenting a show on the Triple M network in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

Ugly Phil, Fix Radio’s New Breakfast Show Host


Trev and Ben

Trev & Ben are going to stay on Brew & Banter and the show is going to double in length!

 Soon you’ll be able to listen to them from 10am till noon every weekday morning.

This week on Brew and Banter, Trev and Ben were asking who you'd invite to your fantasy dinner party.


Russ and Jono

Russ and Jono’s newsreaders, Edward and Shanker, reported on a bizarre choking event...

Russ & Jono, weekdays noon till 1pm


Paul Burrell

The Full Fix Six continues with Paul Burrell on Kicking Off. If you know your sport, you could win £500! 

Here’s what happened this week…

Paul Burrell, Kicking Off 1pm till 2pm, every weekday


Jack Edwards

On Saturday afternoons, Jack Edwards presents The Match Fix which includes Half Time Entertainment. Producer Tony had a go at tightrope walking from one building to another in central London across a busy road.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly to to plan.

Jack Edwards, Saturdays and Sundays afternoons


Paul O'Reilly

Paul O'Reilly's Karaoke Bloke this week did a song about electricians trousers. 

Paul O’Reilly, Mondays and Tuesdays 2pm till 4pm


Graham and Gaz

And here’s what you might have heard with Graham Mack & Gaz on the Fix Radio Breakfast Show in Manchester…

Fix Radio, We’re Nailing It!





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