Anti-Tool Theft Week

Whether equipment are being taken from sites or from parked vans, tool theft is easy.

With a low conviction rate, and often lenient sentencing for those convicted, the legal system doesn’t present much of a deterrent.

Despite the growing figures around tool and van theft, there doesn’t appear to be much political will to change the situation.

Other high-profile issues like COVID, Brexit, the economy, violent crime mean that even big stories surrounding tool or van theft are barely mentioned outside the trade press and local newspapers.

But many working in the trades know the sense of violation, helplessness and anger that flows from a stranger attacking your livelihood by taking your tools and removing your ability to earn a living.

This week, Fix Radio wants to raise the profile of tool theft. All this week on The Clive Holland Show he will be discussing the issues around tool theft – we’re speaking to victims, politicians, van and tool manufacturers, specialist equipment providers, and the police to ask questions, get answers, outline the size and impact of the problem, discuss practical steps to minimise the risk and outline suggestions to improve the situation.

If you want to be involved, or if you have a story to tell, please email us.


Below are a collection of articles based on our coverage of tool theft in the last four months.

Comparethemarket expects 20,000 van thefts per year by 2030

Direct Line estimates that GBP£46 million worth of tools have been nicked since locked easing

Carpenter calls on tradespeople to act after van and tools stolen from driveway

Tory MP vows to continue campaign for tougher tool theft laws

Expert warns of ‘shocking’ state of van security

Thieves snatch £17.5 million worth of tools from London tradespeople in 2020 

Tool theft won’t stop until it is made harder

23 steps to security your van

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