Bacon Butty Tours



Every day at Fix Radio we have a promotional vehicle out on the road visiting building sites. 

Our tours involve driving to building sites and other relevant locations of all sizes and handing out free Bacon Butty’s to hungry workers!

To date we have given out over 30,000 butty's across thousands of London sites directly into the hands of hard working tradesmen (and women!)

Opportunities available to our tour partners include: 

  • Distributing marketing collateral to tradespeople

  • Distributing product sample

  • Co-branding on the tour vans and equipment

  • Running competitions 

  • Running product demonstrations

  • Collection of GDPR compliant data

For more information about the Bacon Butty Tour, or for information on any of our other services please contact the Sales team at or call us on 0203 793 4992.

Photos of some of our recent visits




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