If you want to reach thousands of tradespeople with a commercial message about your business or service, Fix Radio is the ideal station for you.

We're the UK's only radio station aimed at builders, plumbers, roofers, electricians, painters and decorators whether they work on site or in people's homes.

22% of the UK's Trade population are located within our DAB coverage area, over 650,000 people, and across the UK they spend a massive £27 Billion each year on Tools and Equipment.

The radio is often the first tool out of the van at the beginning of the day and the last tool back in at the end of it making it the perfect way to spread your message. But don't just take our word for it, here's what just some of our clients have to say:
‘Fix Radio has enabled us to directly reach our target audience of builders and tradespeople in a highly cost effective way. We have modest budgets so ensuring that the spend is not wasted is paramount, by focusing on a niche audience Fix offers better value than other radio stations and they have worked with us in a way that feels like a partnership rather than just another advertiser and this will hopefully build the foundations for long term success for both Fix Radio and Chandlers Building Supplies.’

  • Sue McKinney, Marketing Manager - Chandlers Builders Merchants

Fix Radio approached Dr. Martens with a great idea to promote both their new Radio channel and our innovative new safety footwear range by tapping straight into London's active construction developments and their on-site workers.  We were really impressed with their unconventional and lateral thinking involved in promoting our industrial footwear so we have planned to work with Fix Radio on future seasons to further establish our product in the UK market.  They also make a great bacon butty!  

  • Ella Smith, UK Wholesale Marketing Executive - Dr Marten’s

“When we decided to advertise on Fix Radio we did so with the aim of growing our brand exposure and also looking to drive product sales. The opportunity has not disappointed! Results have been really good for us as a business and we have seen growth in our product sales ever since the adverts went live. The highly targeted nature of Fix Radio means that we didn’t waste any money on audiences who were not interested in our products and we were able to focus spend directly on reaching our target market. I would highly recommend advertising on Fix Radio if, like us, your target market are people who work in the trades.” 

  • Anthony Mason, Sales & Marketing Manager - Osmo

Fix Radio offers a wide variety of advertising and sponsorship opportunities including spot advertising, sponsorship and featured content.

For further information, including our rate card please contact the Sales team at  or call us on 0203 793 4992.

(Above) Our DAB Coverage area. Fix Radio is also available nationally via our app, online and through other radio apps including TuneIn and RadioPlayer.

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