Paul Baker

    Proud to say I am a part-time member of the human race....

    ......Former CCTV/Security and IT installation engineer.  Qualified in Horticulture and Forestry ...yeah....plants, trees and stuff....!!

    I've played songs and made a living out of it for years - It's better than having a real job! -  Worked nightclubs in Benidorm, Zurich and London – also worked on radio stations in the UK and around the world and done a bit on SKY TV.

    Support Sunderland AFC. ( it’s a family thing…so please stop laughing!!........No please stop !!!!! ).

    Here at Fix Radio - the buck stops with me when it comes to who is 'on air' and the sound of the if we are not playing your favourite song....Let me know !!!!

    I find a decent sized G&T solves many of my problems...( I try to have a few problems each day !!) and then there's Tequila, that's when things are really bad !

    In my mind I am 23 years old, my body doesn’t talk to my mind ! I take part in makes me cross as I don't ever seem to get fit !!

    I was my School rugby team captain, unbeaten in our last season.  - It wasn't my fault we only played one game!.

    Oh...and I am a Lord !!!  - Lord Paul Baker of Hougun Manor !....Honest !  I have land near Coniston Water in the Lake District.

    Here endeth the lesson.