Matt Rockley

    A son of a builder and nephew to a chippy I soon gained the knowledge of how to hold a hammer properly, and how much it hurts when you don’t !

    Raised on a diet of Rock and 80s music, I learned to play the Piano and was in a band – we played many gigs that no-one remembers….no-one!  After leaving playing music to others I trained as a Chef and worked in a number of places including on-board a ship.

    Not content with working properly for a living I eventually persuaded the right people to let me ‘on-air’……..fools,  and I have been mixing it up and bashing out phat choons for 13 years now.

    My dark side reveals that I support Portsmouth FC – I just wanted to put that out there from the beginning!

    Biggest claim to fame?….My Mum's cousin was married to Len Goodman off Strictly Come Dancing…..and I can’t dance for s*it.