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    Internal Quality Assurance and NVQ Assessment (ref: FIX002)

    £50,000 per annum

    Q2W are a progressive construction industry NVQ assessment centre that provide NVQ's for Galliford Try, Bouygues, Skanska and work on all major projects over London such as Crossrail, Nova Victoria, Royal Wharf, Bishops Gate etc.

    Role: To complete NVQ assessment for construction qualifications level 2 – 7. Internal Quality Assurance of candidate portfolio, monitoring assessor performance and work with lead IQA to deliver assessor training and standardisation of assessment processes.

    Place of work: At the company’s premises in Folkestone and various locations as specified by your employer.

    Pay: Salaries will be payable fortnightly in arrears, by the 15th and the last banking day of each month, by credit transfer to a nominated bank/ building society account. 

    Probationary Period: Three Months

    Overtime: Any associated work accruing overtime will be paid at the time and a quarter on Monday to Friday and time and a half on Saturdays.

    Hours of Work: Normal working hours are 37.5 hours per week as necessary to fulfil the requirements of the role.

    Entitled to a one-hour unpaid lunch break.

    Travelling Time: Not applicable

    Holidays: 25 days per annum in addition to eight bank and Public Holidays.

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    FInder's Fee Terms and Conditions

    1. Fix Radio will pay a £250 finder’s fee to anyone who recommends a candidate who applies for jobs advertised on this website and is subsequently employed by the advertiser.

    2. Any claims for this fee will need to be accompanied by written confirmation from the successful candidate that the job was recommended to them by the claimant.

    3. Before awarding the fee, Fix Radio will need to check that the successful candidate has been employed by the advertiser for a period of at least 28 days.

    4. Any dispute will be adjudicated by Fix Radio’s CEO.